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17 february 2017

VMP Vlasova Mikhel & Partners and law journal 'Jurist' held a joint seminar

On February 16,2017 at the conference hall of President-Hotel (Minsk) VMP Vlasova Mikhel & Partners hosted the legal workshop for CEOs and heads of legal departments of the large industrial and trading companies and financial organizations.

The main topics discussed were branding of products and legal mechanisms for resolving impasses in business (deadlocks in business).

Associate Andrew Usov specializing in intellectual property issues spoke about branding of products and preventing violation of rights of third parties. Today some manufacturers knowingly or unknowingly replicate the appearance of already known and popular on the commodity market competitors, domestic or foreign. Naturally, such actions do not go unheeded by those producers whose products are copied. In recent years, Belarus has been actively developing the practice to combat unfair competition, and other forms of violations of rights in relation to brands. Andrew explained the audience how effectively protect their own brands, if someone does not play by the rules, and not to violate others' rights. He reviewed the main defense strategy, preparing the evidence base, some procedural points.

'Legal mechanisms for resolving impasses in business' was the topic the managing partner Konstantin Mikhel spoke about. When creating a new business partners rarely think about what they would do if there are differences between them. Today, unfortunately, conflicts between participants with equal shares in the authorized capital of the organization are not uncommon. Conflicts lead to the impossibility of the general meeting decisions necessary for the normal continuation of the organization, which ultimately leads to its eradication. However, to prevent such a scenario is possible. For example, it is possible to conclude a corporate agreement with the terms of the mandatory sale of shares of one party to another in the event of a conflict situation. In the world of business practice commonly used methods such as the "Russian Roulette" and "Dutch auction". Attendees of the seminar learned the ways to overcome such deadlocks and how to use them without violating the Belarusian law.

The seminar was also attended by partners Tatiana Emelianova (head of IP practice) and Svetlana Dashuk (head of Corporate Law practice).

The workshop was a great success, and we are grateful "Jurist" magazine for this opportunity.