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12 june 2017

Bestlawyers.com: Q&A with Konstantin Mikhel at Vlasova Mikhel & Partners

Best Lawyers, the oldest and most respected peer review publication in the legal profession, talked to VMP managing partner and member of Best Lawyers Advisory Board Konstantin Mikhel about his experiences and the legal field in Belarus.


How did you get involved in the law and in your practice area specifically?

My first job was at an insurance company. When studying at the technical university, I had been working as an insurance agent, and then I was convinced that my vocation was law and jurisprudence. So in 1995, I started studying law at the Belarussian State University.

Through my insurance experience, I got acquainted with the management of the company, which offered me an internship, and after that, an in-house position. Then I changed jobs for an in-house position at the investment consulting company, Uniter. There were already more diverse tasks, a more lively practice. The lack of electronic databases and professional literature, work with paper regulatory acts—all this required many professional conclusions on their own.

Working as a corporate lawyer in Uniter, I saw a strong demand for legal services from our clients. In coordination with the management of the business, somewhere under their initiative they decided to create a classical law firm whose interests would not overlap with the interests of another business. So the law firm "Mikhel and Partners" appeared, where I became a managing partner. And so began my career as a legal counsel and managing partner.

My core practice area is tax law. Tax law is often described as solving a puzzle, allowing lawyers to find creative solutions to their clients’ problems and offer a specific expertise that affects varied types of financial decisions and life events. We get to do incredibly interesting work in tax, and I think I am always learning new things. Because of the ever-changing landscape of tax regulation, those solutions are often implemented swiftly, so it may be easier for tax attorneys to see the results of their job than for attorneys in other practice groups.  

Moreover, recent studies of the relative levels of contentment of lawyers in many areas of practice confirm that tax lawyers are the most satisfied with their jobs and likely to be at the top.


The full text can be found at Q&A with Konstantin Mikhel at Vlasova Mikhel & Partners