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20 may 2009

Free Economic Zones on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus >>

Free economic zones (FEZ) as an institute of market economy hold a particular place in the system of the Republic of Belarus

20 june 2007

Who will invest in small towns? >>

New Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 108 dated February 27, 2007 «On some measures on involvement into economic turnover of unused state property» regulates matters concerning conveyance of unused state property to market participants

21 october 2004

Agricultural Producers' Co-operatives (Kolkhozes) as the Object of Investments >>

The organizational and legal form of kolkhoz is producer’s co-operative (agricultural type)

20 october 2004

Protection of the Rights of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Belarus >>

Today, Belarusian lawyers more frequently than ever have to deal with the situations when not only legal entities, but citizens of foreign nations seek protection of their legal interests and rights on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

18 august 2004

Positive Tendencies in Regulation of the Equity Market in the Republic of Belarus >>

In 2002 the process of reforming of the equity market in the Republic of Belarus continued. Changes of legislation concerned the activity of virtually all participants of the market, including issuers, investors, professional members of the market