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04 june 2020

Transit of goods through Belarus under COVID-19 pandemic

From May 28 to June 30, 2020 drivers performing international transit of goods through the territory of the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter – the drivers) are obliged to move only on roads, the list of which is provided in the Council of Ministers’ executive order No. 171 of March 25, 2020.

Drivers who follow without stops and perform the transportation of goods under customs escort, mandatory or other escort of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, customs escort of RUE «Beltamozhservice» are entitled to move on other roads.

Drivers shall have personal protective equipment (medical masks, gloves) and use them when leaving the vehicle. During stops, they must not leave the territory of stop points for rest and meals, for refueling vehicles (except when the driver is replaced in Belarus). If these drivers were passing through the territory of the countries where COVID-19 cases were recorded, they must stay in self isolation until the next trip or 14 days.

Drivers are obliged to leave Belarus by the shortest route not later than the day following the day of entry into its territory. They have the right to leave later if the inability to comply with the deadline is caused by:

  • the need to obtain a special permission for passage of large and heavy vehicles through the territory of a foreign country;
  • the need to obtain a special permission for transporting dangerous goods;
  • an accident or a breakdown of a vehicle;
  • unloading, reloading (transshipment) of the cargo, replacement of the vehicle, if it is stipulated by the terms of the contract of carriage and specified in the transport documents.

In order to perform these actions, driver may deviate from the list of roads allowed to traffic.