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13 july 2023

Innovations in the employment

On June 29, 2023, amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus were adopted. These amendments will enter into force on January 1, 2024 and include, inter alia:

  • The possibility of interaction between all employees (not only remote employees) and the employer electronically, i.e. via email, SMS, messengers. However, the conclusion, extension and amendment of employment agreements, agreements on full material responsibility still require the personal presence of the employee.
  • The right of the employer with the consent of a part-time employee (4 hours or less per day) not to establish a lunch break.
  • Possibility to divide vacation into more than 2 parts.
  • Formalization of the combination of remote and "office" work, which is widely used in practice.
  • The possibility of dismissing a remote employee by email.
  • Simplification of remote work formalization. General conditions of remote work can be established by an internal legal act, without the need to include them in the labor agreement/contract with the employee.
  • Elimination of the possibility to pay salary once a month to the employees under a labor contract (a special form of the labor agreement), i.e. employers will be obliged to pay salary to all employees twice a month.