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11 july 2023

What should entrepreneurs prepare for? Update

We have previously published a brief analysis of the draft law “On Amendments to Laws on Entrepreneurial Activities”. By now a draft document containing the List of activities permitted for entrepreneurs has appeared in the Internet.

This project has not yet been published on official websites, the List may be changed by the time of approval.

The List does not include activities such as:

1) wholesale,

2) travel services,

3) legal services,

4) renting out property and many others.

Entrepreneurs whose activities do not get on the final List shall transform into a legal entity or stop doing business.

Also, a draft of list of activities permitted for implementation as an independent professional activity (hereinafter referred to as IPA) has published. Most likely it will replace the list of activities carried out by payers of professional income tax.

It is planned to withdraw from the IPA, inter alia, handicraft activities, agro-ecotourism, website development, installation (configuration) of computers and software, their maintenance, rental of property, landscape design, etc.

Activities excluded from the IPA may be carried out in the status of craftsman, agro-ecotourism object, individual entrepreneur (if the type of activity is in the List) or legal entity after registration or other procedures performance provided by the Civil Code for starting a business activity.

The draft law “On Amendments to Laws on Entrepreneurial Activities”, that provides with the approval of these lists, is being prepared for adoption in the second reading in the autumn.