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20 january 2023

Parallel import has been legalized in Belarus

Legalization of the parallel import is provided for by the Law on Limitation of Exclusive Rights to Intellectual Property Objects dated 03.01.2023 No. 241-Зthat entered into force on 17.01.2023.

Pursuant to the Law, import and circulation of goods containing intellectual property  is allowed without the consent (permission) of rightsholders from foreign states, including those states that commit unfriendly actions against Belarus. This provision applies if the goods are included in one of the lists of goods that are essential for the domestic market of Belarus. Such lists will be drawn up by state bodies determined by the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

If goods from the lists contain intellectual property that is included in the National Customs Register of Belarus for the border protection, respective IP will be temporarily excluded from the Customs Register.

The lists will not include goods rightsholders of which carry out trade and economic cooperation with legal entities and (or) individuals of Belarus and such cooperation does not lead to a critical shortage of those goods in the domestic market.

The provisions of the Law will apply until 31.12.2024 inclusively.