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16 february 2023

Modification in price regulation

The Government Resolution No. 713 (2) dated 01.02.2023 introduced further amendments to the Resolution No. 713 "On the Price Regulation System".

The main changes:

  1. New cases of non–application of the price regulation - the sale of a) hot drinks through vending machines, b) non-food products made by orders of individuals for non-business purposes. Modification of the exception - previously, the regulation did not apply to goods used in the production process, now this category has been expanded to: a) goods purchased for own use, production and (or) consumption, except for goods specified in para 7 of the Resolution No. 713 (raw milk, rye, wheat, sugar, etc.), b) in public procurement.
  2. The list of regulated goods has been supplemented (shaving gel) and clarified, some items have been excluded (beef, pork boneless).
  3. Prices for remaining goods are no higher than for new arrivals after 26.10.2022.
  4. New exceptions to the prohibition of the good exchange operations: with the participation of individuals in relation to telephones and cars; payment for oil liquid fuel delivered; according to the list of regional executive committees (Minsk City Executive Committee). The subject of a good exchange operation is a good (including consumer goods), work or service.
  5. The maximum size of the wholesale discount has increased from 10% to 15%.
  6. To importers:
  • components of the selling prices have been supplemented – the bank's commission for international payments and the cost of goods delivery.
  1. To subjects of wholesale and trade:
  • new expenses included in the price: for the delivery of goods to the subject of trade; from the wholesaler, from the warehouse to the retail facility, the customer;
  • non-application of limits of trade markups - if there is a right to sell the goods of a Belarusian manufacturer and their sale in brand stores.
  1. To manufacturers:
  • new cases of increasing (setting) prices without agreement: the cancellation of promotions, discounts, etc., changing their conditions without exceeding the agreed price; recalculation of the agreed and applied on 03.02.2023 the price of new goods in proportion to the change in their weight (volume);
  • non-application of limits of trade markups – when selling their non-food products in their own brand stores.