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09 march 2023

Changes in the activity of public associations

On 04.03.2023, amendments to the Law “On Public Associations” came into force.

The key changes:

  1. To continue their activities, international public associations are to have organizational structures in the territory of one or more foreign states and the territory of Belarus, republican public associations - in all Belarusian regions and Minsk. Organizational structures are to have their own legal address.

If not, a public association is to change its status to a local public association, introduce appropriate amendments to its charter and apply for state registration.

  1. The territorial activity restriction for local public associations has been removed. Currently, their activities can cover the entire territory of Belarus.
  2. Information on the activity of a public association, the receipt and expenditure of funds and other property are to be published in the public domain, including in the mass media or official website of the public association (if any) and (or) the official website of the Ministry of Justice.
  3. Public associations are to bring their charters in line with the new edition of the Law “On Public Associations” requirements within 1 year.