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Competition practice

Within our competition law practice we advise:

On competition aspects of acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures:

  • advising on, and assisting  in preparation and in the process of, merger clearance;
  • structuring transactions in order to comply with the requirements of merger control law;
  • identifying potential non-compliance with merger control law in the process of corporation re-structuring or formation of groups of related entities, advising on risk-mitigating solution.

On competition aspects of contracts:

  • advising on terms and conditions of commercial contracts that might potentially trigger antimonopoly concerns (distributorship, franchise, license, shareholders, non-compete and others);
  • assistance in the process of filings to antimonopoly authorities.

Advising on unfair competition matters:

  • advising on prevention and fighting unfair competition practices;
  • advising on protection of  non-registered IP against unfair competition;
  • assistance in the process of filings to antimonopoly authorities. 

Head of practice: Svetlana Dashuk, partner