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26 june 2013

Copyright and License Contracts under Belarusian Law - What's the Difference? >>

Enactment of the Law of the Republic of Belarus «On Copyright and Related Rights» dated 17 May 2011 No. 262-Z predetermined certain changes in regulation of contracts on use of copyright objects

16 may 2013

Judicial conciliation in the economic process in Belarus >>

The article considers the history of the establishment and development of the Judicial Conciliation institute in the Economic Procedure of the Republic of Belarus, analyses its legal regulation and the practice of its implementation since 2008

06 september 2011

Review on Renewable Energy in Belarus >>

The review published in the Global Renewable Energy Guide

19 march 2010

Review on Dispute Resolution in Belarus >>

The review published with the permission from Law Business Research Ltd. in the book «The Dispute Resolution Review»

10 july 2009

Mergers & Acquisitions in Belarus >>

The chapter published in the book «Mergers & Acquisitions in 58 Jurisdictions Worldwide» by Getting The Deal Through