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Every year we support more than 500 projects for more than 250 clients. Many of our projects and transactions are new and unique for the Belarusian legal practice.

Among our projects are the following:

Banking & Finance:

  • Advising in provision of the largest syndicated loan to a major Belarusian sector-leading company;
  • Advising in IPO of the largest Belarusian IT company on the international stock exchange;
  • Advising on provision of the biggest-ever syndicated loan in Belarusian banking practice;
  • Advising on the first ever Eurobond placement by a Belarusian corporate issuer;
  • Advising Joint Global Coordinators of $200 million offering of global depository receipts (IPO) by the largest grocery retailer in Belarus, on the London Stock Exchange;
  • Advising in issue of sovereign Eurobonds of the Republic of Belarus on the Russian capital market;
  • Advising a Belarusian specialized financial institution on the debut issue of Eurobonds;
  • Advising borrowers on financing projects by an international financial organization for the creation of new industrial facilities in the Republic of Belarus, as well as borrowers - banking organizations on credit lines for small business development, energy efficiency, etc.;
  • Advising an international financial organization on a project to finance the construction of renewable energy facilities.

Investment agreements:

  • Assistance with the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus on implementation construction of ore-dressing complex project;
  • Assistance with the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus on construction, organization of timber-processing industrial enterprise of the investor in Belarus;
  • Assistance with the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus on implementation of construction of a multifunctional complex project in the historical center of Minsk;
  • Assistance with the conclusion of an  investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus on implementation of a project on the construction of a logistics center in Minsk district and a multifunctional complex in Minsk.

Corporate law:

  • Advising on starting business of a leading manufacturer of products for healthy food, weight control and personal hygiene products.
  • Advising on creation of a major business enterprise engaged in fertilizers extraction and production.
  • Advising on creation of a subsidiary enterprise of a major oil company, being one of top-20 world’s biggest oil companies and being one of the largest crude oil suppliers to Belarus.
  • Assistance in the restructuring business of one of the largest Russian producers of cosmetic products in Belarus.
  • Advising a large Austrian company on a wood processing project in Belarus
  • Advising on starting of business for production of solar panels
  • Advising an international humanitarian organization on incorporation of Representative Office in Belarus

Mergers & Acquisitions:

  • Advising  a multinational dairy products manufacturer on consolidation of its regional facilities throughout CIS with Russia-based production capacities;
  • Assisting in acquisition of the third-largest Belarusian bank by a major Russian bank;
  • Advising on acquisition of one of the leading mobile app development company by American media corporation (top M&A deal in 2014 in Belarus);
  • Advising on acqusition of belarusian IT company by South Korean memory semiconductor producer of dynamic random access memory chips and flash memory chips
  • Advising on the acquisition of the leader of the Belarusian flexoprinting market and one of the largest printing companies in the CIS and Eastern Europe by the private equity fund;
  • Advising an IT company focusing on face touch-up technology  on acquisition of the Belarusian R&D centre;
  • Advising on acquisition of a largest real estate development company in Belarus  by a foreign real estate developer;
  • Advising on acquisition of the B2B streaming media company having a subsidiary in Belarus.

Real estate and construction:

  • Advising on construction of an ore-dressing plant, multifunctional center in the historical center of Minsk, logistic center in Minsk district, a trade mall in Minsk;
  • Assistance in a project on construction of the new city hospital in Minsk;
  • Legal support of the project of designing and construction of a biogas production facility in Minsk region;
  • Legal advice to the one of the top Turkish apparel manufacturer and retailer, represented in 18 countries around the world, on issues of retail network development (including advice on lease of retail space, drafting agreements, etc).

Dispute resolution:

  • Representing Belarusian research and development institute for mining and chemical industry as a defendant on USD 30 million claim in the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce;
  • Representing the interests of the Client in the dispute on the claim for US$2M damage arisen by incorrect development of project documentation for reconstruction of the plant;
  • Representing various clients in disputes with the customs authorities regarding custom value of the imported goods.  These cases presents examples of good practice and effective action that help clients to avoid unsubstantiated overstating the customs value by customs authorities and excessive payment of import customs duties;
  • Representing one of the largest world potash producer in bankruptcy case;
  • Representing one of the leading leasing company in Supreme Court of Belarus;
  • Representation of the interests of the Client (IT company) against the state authority re extension of license rights;
  • Dispute re seizure and retention of an aircraft engine, sub-leased by the Russian airline company from Norwegian lessor, by custom authorities of the Republic of Belarus.