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Energy and Natural resources

More than 30 years VMP has been advising national and international companies on the issues of exploration and production of natural resources, oil, gas and other natural resources, refined products, heat and electrical energy supply, energy assets transactions.   

Our expertise, practical skills, experienced team of legal professionals allows to offer effective legal solutions for our clients. 

Legal services for energy and natural resources industry includes:

  • Developing the most effective legal models of commercial presence and doing business in Belarus.
  • Advising on competition law and enviromental compliance.
  • Advising on matters related to renewable energy resources, including  hydro-, solar and wind electric power station, biogas plants.
  • Legal support of the conclusion of concession agreements with governmental authorities, investment agreements on the implementation of investment projects in energy and natural resources sector.      
  • Legal support of M&A deals in energy sector taking into account specifics of tax, antimonopoly, corporate, contractual issues. 
  • Advising on license procedures and  granting other authorization documents.
  • Advising on the issues of raw material processing, organizing of oil refining on give-and-take basis, import, export of oil products.
  • Legal advice on conclusion investment agreements and implementation of investment projects in energy sector. 
  • Legal advice on financing projects of energy and natural resources  companies. 
  • Legal support in disputes resolution,  including administrative legal relations, litigation and arbitration support concerning the protection of rights of the said area participants.